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sitoa - The sitoa by Aki Choklat for Lahtiset is a lace-up kicker in two tone, dark blue bottom with light blue top with white box-sole. Hand-made in Finland. Made of wool felt, the shoes are highly breathable and provide excellent insulation and warmth for cold climates. Ideal for wearing in the Spring, Fall and Winter.

MATERIALS: Upper - 100% wool felt, dyed. Foot bed and Insole - Foot bed 100% wool felt. Insole material is made from 80% recycled bottles with a polyamide fabric top, produced in Finland. Sole - Rubber sole (combination of natural and synthetic rubber), produced in Europe, highly durable and suitable for types of weather from hot to cold. Perform surprisingly well on ice and snow.

CARE: Felt boots are easy to take care of. The surface can be easily cleaned by lightly brushing with a soft brush and a damp cloth with or without some mild soap. Direct water should be avoided. If the felt boots loose their form due to becoming wet, it is recommended to reshape the boots by filling them with paper to reshape, and drying them at a low temperature (+40 C). The preferable choice for storing the boots when not in use, is a dark location at room temperature or colder. Felt products also need to be protected from moths.

SIZING: European sizing is used, please review Uniikii's sizing chart. We recommend for 1/2 sizes to go to the next size up. Ex: You are a CDN/US size 8.5, purchase a size 39. If you are a small CDN/US 8, purchase a 38. It is preferable to wear the boots loose, they should fit like a slipper. We recommend adding an insole of your choice as needed for arch support. Insoles that come with the boot can be removed.

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