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The #insideout concept began with our wool felt boots. At the beginning, we were often told that the idea of wearing a wool boot seemed more like something you'd wear inside your boot and not as an actual out door boot and our answer was always, "we like to wear our boots, inside out! and #insideout was born.

#Insideout is about a movement about daring and becoming who we truly are. It is the ability to have confidence in your true self, and to never fear putting "you" on display. It is the ability to accept and promote your uniqueness and to share and embrace yourself inside out. Fashion is a statement. It's the easy to dress yourself in beautiful clothes, the latest trends and the best labels. In following trends we often hide the best part of ourselves and the parts we feel reluctant to share with others. If we’re lucky, we discover life is so much more interesting and fulfilling when we choose to live the best expression of ourselves. #insideout is all about being YOU!

Uniikii encourages our customers to share a photo of themselves wearing our products and expressing their style from the inside out!

Photos can be sent to corporate@uniikii.com and Uniikii will post online at: http://uniikii.com/pages/look-whos-uniikii

Or on: Facebook , Twitter and other social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus .