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About Us

Uniikii is a retailer and distributor of luxurious Finnish brands founded in 2010. Owned and operated by Entrepreneurs Susan Asunmaa and Joanna Walker with a desire to build a brand that houses some of the worlds leading exclusive European brands making it easier for consumers to find one of a kind, leading fashion and accessories. 

Each product housed at Uniikii has a story - a story that transcends the brand and brings each consumer a unique perspective and piece of European heritage. Uniikii, the first retailer of the exclusive Finnish brand Lahtiset in North America promises to house fashion labels and accessories that allow consumers to find pieces that express their life & style. From the luscious touch of Lahtiset felt boots, the handmade beaded Aarikka necklaces and bracelets, to high top men’s stylish and sleek shoes, to the swag of the felt bag, Uniikii does not disappoint.

With its intention to house 100% natural and eco friendly brands, the commitment goes beyond the consumers and touches the planet. The Uniikii mission is to house heritage brands that hold distinction among others. They strive to provide customer service that parallels their level of commitment, and belief that a Uniikii house is the cornerstone and road to self-discovery.