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Maxi Mermaid Dress


Beautiful Maxi Mermaid dress in black with white top stitching.

There is nothing more beautiful, at the same time, mystifying than the intrigue behind the existence of Mermaids. That is the same feel the Maxi Mermaid Dress projects.

It is made from bamboo jersey that is known for creating a slimmer silhouette, outlining your curves and highlighting your confidence. No matter what height you are, you can adjust the Maxi Mermaid Dress to a longer or shorter length. Just cinch through the core and adjust and you'll have the perfect fit.

Wear it casual with flip flops or flats; layer it with a tee and tights underneath; cinch it up high and create a tank and skirt boho look; dress it up with a pair of heals and you're ready for an elegant night out. Versatile with endless possibilities! The dress sculpts the core and brings out the goddess in you!

How to "arrange" your Maxi Mermaid Dress:
Your Nikki Babie garment is designed to show off what you want to show off, and hide what you want to hide. Many of our garments "arrange" themselves in the perfect way with our little trick we call the "Pull and Pinch"; grab the fabric at your waist or hips in a pinching motion; pull it out away from the body - about 2 or 3 inches and then just let it go. The fabric springs back into place, creating natural shirring that flatters your waist, hips and thighs and tush.

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