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October 21 2014 0 Comments

The Chill is Coming - Are you Ready?

It's that time of year - the cooler temperatures are just the beginning reminders of what's around the corner! The chill is coming!If you're like me, this means thinking about how will I stay warm, and in particular, how will I keep my cold feet, warm and cozy. Good thing,...
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September 23 2014 0 Comments

Welcome Fall - Welcome boots!!!

Is it weird that I'm filled with excitement as the season turns to fall?  I am a bit sad that summer has finally come to an end as I really enjoyed this summer even though the weather wasn’t ideal, I travelled, got to work on a variety of cool work projects, did some...
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January 22 2014 0 Comments

Our Most Popular Questions About Felt Boots

It's time to answer the most common questions we get about felt boots. Can I wear my boots in the snow?The answer is yes! Felt boots are perfect for wearing in the snow and cold temperatures. The snow behaves on your boots similarly to the way snow behaves on wool...
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January 10 2014 1 Comment

Why Felt Boots and Warm Feet Make The Perfect Pairing!

It's winter and let's face it in the cold days of January it's hard to stay warm! So what's the perfect way to keep your feet and the rest of you warm? Put on a pair of wool felt boots! Why you ask? Let's start with a few facts on...
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January 02 2014 0 Comments

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bright Colors This Winter!

On a bleak, frigid winter day, it’s easy to put on a dull sweater and a pair of jeans. However, after consulting our list of reasons, be convinced that making the conscious decision to wear brighter colors this season has its own benefits. 1) It literally brightens your mood Who...
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September 20 2013 0 Comments

Boots from abroad: From start to Finnish

"The felting process is like a manipulated chaos, which is based on the fact that the wool fibers become tangled. The felter tries to influence the process with machinery ensuring that the tangling of fibers progresses in the desired way." With deep roots founded in 1921, Lahtiset is the only...
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