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September 20 2013 0 Comments

Introducing Aarikka...

Aarikka, the jewellery mastermind, was established in the 50’s and is famous for its clear, Scandinavian lines, round forms and use of wood as the primary material. Eco-friendly and tuned with a respect for nature, the methods and materials are guided by just that.

Original, bold and natural are expressive of the brand today just as it was in the early history of the company, where it was inspired by spherical shapes and had a strong pursuit of vividness, coziness and joy, of which all remain. 




Proud of the heritage of these items, key symbols are attached to display the origins, as many of the pieces are made either at home or at centers providing jobs for the disabled. Devoted to social responsibility, the drive to create employment has been apart of Aarikka’s mission since the 70’s.



Each piece in the Aarikka Jewellery collection is a unique item handmade in Finland. The Aarikka jewellery line represents lasting beauty with a form and quality that’s timeless. With various shapes, colours and sizes the collection encourages combination wearing with both necklaces and bracelets that help inspire your day. And if you really want to twist the combination up, you can attach your bracelets and necklaces together through their magnets to create your own custom pieces. Interested in how to wear the look? Keep up with us on our social media feeds.


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