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September 20 2013 0 Comments

Boots from abroad: From start to Finnish

"The felting process is like a manipulated chaos, which is based on the fact that the wool fibers become tangled. The felter tries to influence the process with machinery ensuring that the tangling of fibers progresses in the desired way."

With deep roots founded in 1921, Lahtiset is the only manufacturer of long legged felt boots in Finland today. These Finnish boots are made carefully by hand, as it’s more accurate than machinery. Made from pure lamb’s wool, the best material for making felt boots, each pair takes eight days to complete. United with nature – pure wool ensures the footwear doesn’t contaminate the environment, and is both soft and warm on the feet and yet very light and breathable.

The manipulated chaos is based on the felting capacity of wool. The felting process is very meticulous as it shapes an oversized sheet of felt into the required thickness and compactness needed. At the end, the felt is stretched and molded into the desired form, and left to dry, but don’t get the wrong idea; it takes a whole year to train a new employee how to properly make these works of art.

The styles that are housed under Uniikii are apart of the "Aki Choklat for Lahtiset" collection. The Finnish designer has connected old Finnish traditions with some new age modern touches to reinvent felt as it’s used in this collection.

Unlike other footwear, felt boots may shrink during their use as a result of the manufacturing process, so a boot that you think fits perfectly or is your normal size may cause some confusion down the road!


“Purchasing boots one size too large is recommended."

If the boots get soaked, they can lose their form, so make sure you show them some love.  It's recommended to shape the boots back into their form by filling them with paper and drying them at a low heat.  If they get dirty, give them a brush to easily clean the surface, and be sure to keep them protected from moths by storing them in the dark, you want to be the only one who loves them!

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