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July 30 2013 0 Comments

Welcome to the World of Felt Boots!

For every Finnish child of a certain age, whether growing up in Finland or in my case, in Canada, you undoubtedly wore a pair of huopasaappaat!


Even now, when I close my eyes, I can still see myself, as a little girl, wearing my grey felt “huopasaappaat” as they’re called in Finnish, playing and traipsing through the winter snows for hours on end, as clear as it was yesterday!

The memory has never faded, just like a kodak moment, it is stored with me forever more — and funny enough, it seems to be the same with my other family members when I ask them, if they too, remember wearing felt boots — the answer is always, a resounding yes!

So, what a thrill it is to take this wonderful memory from childhood and bring it to life in my adulthood, with first and foremost, the rediscovery, that they still exist and secondly, to find them reinvented into fun, fashionable and stylish footwear!

This is in every way, a full circle moment in my life, and a thrill to be able to now share these wonderful boots and shoes with you!

Now, we’ve taken the liberty of giving each of our boots and shoes a unique name as it just seemed a little easier than saying huopasaappaat but whatever you call them, they’re here and we’re excited to share them with you!

We’ve started with a small sampling of products, colours and styles and as we grow and evolve so will the opportunity to share even more with you but more than anything — Welcome to the World of Felt Boots!

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