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July 27 2013 0 Comments

Make Winter more Fun - Wear your Felt Boots!

We hope you’re finding a way to enjoy the wintery days of January!

Here in Toronto, we’ve had some snowy days but at the moment no snow, just enjoying the chilly days of winter that you certainly can’t escape if you’re living in Canada!

So how am I making my winter days more fun?  That’s simple – wearing my my felt boots!

Since it was in my childhood that I last wore my felt boots I’m enjoying the rediscovery of just how warm these boots are.  My feet have never enjoyed feeling so cozy and comfortable in a very long time.  I’ve worn them pretty much in every element and have to say that shoveling out my car or knee-deep in snow, wearing my boots was fantastic!  My feet were as warm as could be.  Simply brushed the snow off my boots when I came in and they were as good as new.  Needless to say, wearing them on non-snowy days just makes it fun being out in the cold as I can’t think of anything better than having warm feet!

Of course, I have to admit, I’m enjoying all the attention I’m getting wearing my felt boots.  Love being stopped and told, “love your boots” and even better asking where can I get a pair!

Hmm, biggest decision today will be – do I wear my tall boots or shorts boots and what colour!




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