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July 02 2013 0 Comments

Appreciating the Quality

As the excitement of our upcoming trip to Finland in March approaches, it’s feeling a lot like the anticipation of Christmas!

We’ve had some sneak peaks of the new designs and lets just say if two adults can still jump up and down like kids with excitement, you know we can’t wait to see them, put our hands on them and best of all, try them on!

More than anything, added to our excitement is working with a company like Lahtiset, that is doing something that seems more and more rare these days and that’s making high quality, handmade  products in the same way they been made since 1921.  In a world of mass production and disposal products its hard to imagine the first time you slip on a pair of felt boots or shoes that not only have they been made with an eco-conscienous approach using the highest quality wool and spring water but that the process itself to make a single pair takes 8 days and most of the work is done by hand – and having seen the process myself, I feel the need to add, “artisan hands”!

If we thought that we were alone in appreciating our personal desire for quality products, this is our opportunity to say thank you for validating that so many of you feel the same way!  Your feedback on how much you love every aspect of your boots has been tremendous!

We can’t wait to share all the new and exciting products by Aki Choklat for Lahtiset!  Here’s a sneak peak of one of the new shoes!  Hope you love them as much as we do!

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