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September 23 2014 0 Comments

Welcome Fall - Welcome boots!!!

Is it weird that I'm filled with excitement as the season turns to fall?  I am a bit sad that summer has finally come to an end as I really enjoyed this summer even though the weather wasn’t ideal, I travelled, got to work on a variety of cool work projects, did some home renovations and was lucky enough to create some new and amazing memories with my beautiful husband and awesome kids. It was a fun few months, however, I am now ready to welcome fall.  The fall season has always been very special to me and I get excited when I start to see the sun going down a little earlier and a glimpse of the leaves starting to change colour.   For me, fall is many things, but most notably, it is the time to celebrate my birthday (I am turning 40 this year! UGH), a time for being thankful and the time to have the pleasure of trying once again to squeeze (yes this year I may be squeezing a little harder) back into my jeans and updating my fall wardrobe…

Bring on the Fall Sweater Weather

I am in love fall fashion. Fall wouldn’t be complete without a few new items in my closet. I really look forward to buying new sweaters, fall jackets and having fun with color. Our new Aarikka fall jewelry collection is perfect for pairing with my new and old favorite clothing pieces.  Also, one of the most enjoyable things on my to do list is pulling out my stylish and unique wool felt boots from my closet.   Since starting Uniikii Inc., 2 years ago and having the awesome opportunity to sell Lahtiset’s wool felt boots here in Canada, I get even more excited about the upcoming weather cool down. The fun thing for me is not only am I trading in my flip-flops for the coolest boots in town but also I still don’t have to wear socks!  Our boots whether worn on a warm fall day or 20 degrees below zero, feet are comfy and happy all day long. Life is good….

Uniikii in Fall

Susan and I started Uniikii Inc. in fall 2012; I will not forget when we received our first shipment of jewelry, our first fall collection.  The box arrived and even though I was so excited, I didn’t open it until I got to the restaurant where Susan and I agreed to meet.  We sat down, ordered a drink, and like two kids in a candy shop, we rummaged through the box and tried on each of the beautiful Aarikka necklaces and bracelets.  This year is even better, not only is Aarikka’s collection beautiful with warm tones of burgundy, cobalt blues, and toasty browns but we have the Aarikka Atelier Collection too…..a limited edition Collection which celebrates Aarikka’s 60 years in business. As with the jewelry, so was our excitement with our boots, I remember the boxes arrived and before I knew it, over a hundred pairs of boots lined my office, ready for photography - and unknown to them (the boots of course), they were about to be worn by our, "new to be", Uniikii customers…. whom we have welcomed with open arms.

I still get excited with each season when our inventory arrives however the fall season excites me the most.  This is a fun time of year, not only to celebrate my birthday, but also to experience the sights and smells of memories of fall seasons from my past and for the fun memories I am about to create with my family, the new customers I am about to meet, and the exciting future for our amazing company.  I feel blessed to be, not only an Owner at Uniikii Inc. but also a part of our growing Uniikii family and being on a leading cusp of a new trend!

Bring it on fall, I welcome you!

Yours truly, Joanna Walker, Owner at Uniikii Inc.


P.S – Photography by Ian Compton – products available at uniikii.com

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