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August 29 2014 0 Comments

Step Into Fall With Easy Wardrobe Updates

If you're like me, and not looking to replace or buy a complete new wardrobe this Fall but still wanting to be stylish and on-trend then follow my go to advice to doing just that!

Remember the most important thing is "you" and to dress you and not have a trend dress you -- if you do, you'll never feel like
 yourself and you'll never shine from within!

Start off, by going through your closet and making sure you're covered with some existing great basics - your investment pieces that are always in style. Next step, is to decide what fun new trends you're in love with and decide if it's a trend piece you want to invest in, like a great leather jacket, as you'll wear it over many seasons or whether it will be fun to wear just for the season and then spend accordingly.

Take your time -- be methodical and you'll find the pieces that speak to you. This may not be the year, to invest in a fabulous colour-blocked, fur jacket but what about finding another way to wear the colour-blocked trend with perhaps a colour-blocked sweater, a scarf or a great sweater with a fur collar in an insanely, wonderful colour. Apply this thought process and you'll quickly find it becomes easy to find your on-trend pieces. Of course, along the way, regardless of any trend, always wear what you, feel best in!

One of the easiest ways, to be on trend is to update your accessories. If your basic wardrobe works, updating your footwear, handbag, belts, scarves and jewelry with what's on trend and with the latest colours will have you looking current. Whatever your budget, high or low, this is one of the easiest ways to update your look. There is truly something for everyone these days and we certainly don't have to lose ourselves in wearing a trend that's not, "us", so if the, "wearing of one earring" is not your thing this Fall, keep looking and find the version that's all about YOU!

If you have a love of wearing scarves, then why not try adding a fantastic new plaid, mixed print or pattern or a great on trend colour like bright cobalt blue. Use the same philosophy with all your other accessories and you'll be ready for Fall and feeling great!

For me, my favourite way of updating my wardrobe, is taking it a step further and not only taking what we're seeing on the runways and pulling what I'm in love with, but taking that somewhat "unknown" thing that I'm in love with and making it my on-trend statement of my personal style.

So, yes, that means my Fall wardrobe, will include Uniikii's beautiful selection of Aarikka's wood jewelry, Aki Choklat for Lahtiset wool shoes and boots and Jonas Hakaniemi for Lahtiset wool bags. All of our Brands are on point, for on-trend colours, shapes and style, and with a Fall landscape with so many options, it couldn't be easier to pick and make my Fall wardrobe uniquely mine.

What's not to love about being on-trend and at the same time creating and expressing my own personal trend. Trust me, it's a wonderful feeling when you're complimented, for wearing what makes you feel, your best, "you"!

Always, #insideout!


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