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August 12 2014 0 Comments

Sustainable Fashion - Say Who You Are By What You Wear

What You Wear Says A Lot About You

Without uttering a single word, what you wear, can say a lot about you!

I believe, our personal style, is our personal trademark to letting others know a little or a lot about ourselves. What we wear can often connect us with what we do for a living, our frame of mind and mood and whether we're looking to be noticed or blend into the crowd. Beyond the surface we can also say a lot about who we are by what we wear by the choices we make in what we buy.

In my opinion, when we blend the world of our personal style with an eco-conscious approach of sustainable fashion, we say even more about ourselves.

Whether you do this is in a small way or large way, the important step is to begin. There is no lack of fast clothing for purchase and we certainly live in a world, where faster and cheaper is common place. There may not always be the opportunity for choosing another option but often this also means, we're OK, with it being disposable, not long-lasting and we're happy to toss away.

When we start to look for new ways to incorporate hand-made, eco-conscious fashion into our wardrobe we begin to say something more about ourselves -- we're letting others know we are living consciously and creating a kinder footprint for the earth. We're expanding our personal story about ourselves by choosing to wear fashion that connects us to the craftsmanship of the item, the story behind the purchase and in some cases a personal connection with the designer. Additionally, we fill our wish to express our personal style by finding items that are unique, one of a kind and not the "same old, same old" that we've become accustomed to finding in many stores and what's not to love about not looking like everyone else! Ultimately, these items also become special to us, have meaning and dare I say, not toss away -- these are the items we pass on when we no longer want to keep them. This of itself, is sustainable fashion and living consciously.

There is more and more evidence that we're making a shift and engaged with the success of one of a kind artisan fairs and companies like Etsy - providing designers a venue to share their talent and products with the world at large. 

Eco-fashion and a kind footprint on the earth are key drivers behind the products we source at Uniikii. We are passionate about sharing our personal view of fashion, finding beautiful and unique products from designers that our aligned with our view of the world and the desire to change the world and make it a better place.

How you decide, to say who you are by what you wear, need not be complicated. For me, saying who I am by what I wear has never felt as good!



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