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July 28 2014 0 Comments

A Memory Jar of Moments and Gratitude

It seems to me that in the craziness of my day, I often end my day, thinking only of the things I didn't get to, the things that went wrong or didn't happen and completely forgetting to think about the things that went well, the things I accomplished, the positive moments of the day as well as remembering to find the gratitude.

It wasn't until I came across the idea of creating a memory jar that I got excited, thinking this would be fun, something new to do and it was different from keeping a journal. A memory jar is such a simple thing -- take a moment during your day or if not each day then throughout your week and think about the positive things that happened and jot them down. All your thoughts - be it gratitude, a special moment, an accomplishment, etc. I like to write mine down on coloured squares of paper, date them and drop them into my lidded crystal jar -- feel free to get creative and add photos, use coloured pens, etc. It takes so little time and gives me a moment to reflect on my day, find gratitude, find the smile and forget about the things that didn't happen.

Now, here's the best part of having a memory jar -- going back and reading your notes. However long you wait doesn't matter -- you may wait until the end of the year and if you do, it will be an amazing retrospective of your year's best moments or you may choose to randomly pull out your notes here and there, either way, I promise you when you do, you will have "a feel good moment" and as you go through each note you'll bring back the moment and the reminder of how much good exists in your life!

Of course, writing in a journal is also a great way to keep track but there is something wonderful about the visual of seeing my jar filling up with all these coloured pieces of paper and knowing my life is never empty or half-filled but always on the path of overflowing.

A memory jar of moments and gratitude - a wonderful way to live inside out!


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