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June 30 2014 0 Comments

How Colour Impacts our Life

Colour. Take a moment and think about what comes to mind when you think about colour. I’m sure, for most of us, we associate colour by simply identifying with what our “favourite colour” is, but let me ask you this, have you considered how colour impacts your life?

First, let's start by exploring how colour affects us physically and how it plays a role in our mood and then perhaps we can start to better understand the choices we make for ourselves. It might just inspire you to start playing with some colour!

The physical impact of colour is very interesting to consider. Take the colour yellow, in this case “bright yellow”. Did you know that yellow is the colour that we see the furthest. So maybe that bright yellow vehicle is worth reconsidering if being more visible on the road will make you feel safer. Yellow is also the colour that physically requires more rapid eye movement than any other colour and as such will also tire us physically the quickest. In the design world we have a saying – paint your guest room a nice vibrant yellow and it’ll ensure your guests won’t over stay their welcome! It may also be worth thinking about wearing the brightest yellow you own to your next meeting with that person you really don’t want to spend a lot of time with, as again, he or she will physically tire of you by having to absorb all that yellow you’re wearing and you’ll have no problem keeping your meeting short and sweet!

If finding more energy, being noticed are on your radar then red is the colour to go for. Red is known for creating energy, heat and movement and this is certainly an important colour if you’re one of those individuals that has a hard time getting out of bed. Red is a colour used with individuals that absolutely cannot wake easily or get their day started. A red bathroom, red towels, etc. will physically impact the body. Red equals increased energy! As for that red dress you’re wearing, you know you didn’t put it on to go un-noticed! Just try wearing a red dress to your next event and see how much attention you draw. Red speaks to being extroverted and if you’re wearing red you’re not looking to hide! Take the opposite of red and look at wearing black and let's be clear, I’m not suggesting that the little black dress can’t be dramatic but black is a less approachable colour so it will be more of your call who you wish to engage with.

How does colour enhance our mood? Have you noticed how when you wear a certain colour you just feel better? Chances are it’ll be at the same time that someone happens to tell you how amazing you look! Take your surroundings. Do you come home and feel relaxed and calm? Does it among other things have to do with those amazing blue (calming colour) painted walls? Do you feel alive and happy when you come home because of the colourful artwork and the brightly coloured accent pieces that enhance your room? I think you can start to see how playing with more than one colour in the box can influence our lives.

For some of us, a black and white world even a beige one is more than adequate but hopefully you’ll agree that a little colour mixed in makes for a far more enjoyable and healthier way to live! As a final note, is it any surprise that also eating a colourful diet “eating the colours of the rainbow” is healthier for us?

So I say, colour, bring it on and make it your new best friend!

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