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June 16 2014 0 Comments

Living the Dream of Uniikii

As with all things in life, when you're open to the possibility -- anything is possible!

Find your passion, explore the dream, take the leap - forget the, "should I, could I" and don't look back and in this case you end up with a business called, Uniikii!

What began as a casual conversation between two friends wanting to merge our creative abilities and passions has turned into so much more. Every day, we grow, we learn and we find gratitude with every step along the way.

Uniikii exists because we love what we are doing and creating and more than anything because of you -- our customer. We embrace our unique expression of style and our individuality and there is nothing more fulfilling then being able to share the things we love with you. We buy and offer the things that we personally love -- you might say, Uniikii is like our own personal closet! :)

Our passion is to offer products that make you feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. #insideout. Products that are "keepers" for years to come. Products that are kind to the environment and make you feel good about the labels you wear. We are so grateful and inspired to be working with such amazing, passionate, creative people! Amazing brands are created by amazing people! Nikki Babie Inc, Aki Choklat, Jonas Hakaniemi, Lahtiset and Aarikka.

Finding that thing that makes you look forward to waking up every morning is a wonderful feeling and for us that thing is most definitely Uniikii!

Here's to living your dream and letting you know, our dream exists and gets better and better every day of because of YOU, and all love and support that surrounds us!

Susan and Joanna

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