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February 18 2014 0 Comments

Living #Insideout


Who knew that a pair of felt boots could elicit a movement to living #insideout! 

When people started noticing our felt boots the question that inevitably came up was, "shouldn't felt be worn inside a boot?" To which we answered, "we like to wear our felt inside out!" This response is in line with our belief that to feel our best, to feel our most beautiful and complete we need to shine from the inside out.

It's easy to dress ourselves on the outside with beautiful clothes, the latest trends, the best labels, etc. and in many cases look like everyone else. It's safe and easy to follow trends but in doing so we often hide the best part of ourselves and the parts we feel reluctant to share with others. However, if we're lucky, we discover life is so much more interesting and fulfilling when we choose to live our best expression of ourselves. #Insideout is all about being YOU!

For me, living inside out is about embracing not being like everyone else, loving all parts of myself and expressing my unique self. It's knowing that when I take care of all aspects of myself I shine my brightest. It's about having and loving my sense of style and finding harmony in taking care of my body, mind and soul. It's so easy to let things slip out of harmony but it never fails, when I move and feed my body well, when I take care to focus and quiet my mind and when I feed my soul I am the best expression of myself, confident in who I am and I shine my brightest - from within!

At the end of the day, it’s not that difficult to dress the outside part of who we are but shine from within, let your inner beauty out and you’ll discover that heads turn and people notice you because there is an energy and a confidence about you that radiates. The thing that costs us nothing and will never go out of style is YOU being #insideout!

Here's to embracing our movement of living #insideout each, and every day!


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