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January 10 2014 1 Comment

Why Felt Boots and Warm Feet Make The Perfect Pairing!

It's winter and let's face it in the cold days of January it's hard to stay warm! So what's the perfect way to keep your feet and the rest of you warm? Put on a pair of wool felt boots!

Why you ask? Let's start with a few facts on wool and why it's a great option:

Wool has some unique properties that make it one of nature's most amazing fibers and a pretty smart insulator. Think of it like a thermos for your body -- it can keep you warm or cool depending on your needs. The secret to both of these facts are the tiny pockets of air within each wool fiber that offer both insulation and breathability which means it keeps you warm without overheating your body.

Although not waterproof, wool is able to soak up as much as 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, which is one of the reasons it can still keep your feet warm even when you're trudging around in the snow.

Felt boots are new to North America but the history of felt boots goes back a good 1500 years originating out of Russia. From Russia it found its way to Finland and Lahtiset in Jamsa, Finland has manufactured wool felt boots since 1921 with the same skills and talents of an artisan's hands, where the process for a single pair rounds eight days to complete.

So what does it feel like to wear a pair wool felt boots by Aki Choklat for Lahtiset in the cold of January? Fantastic! What's not to love about warm feet.

Rumor has it that felt boots will keep your feet warm in temperatures of -60, now it's been cold here in Toronto but thankfully I haven't had to bear witness to testing the theory of -60. What I can say, is at -36 my feet have stayed happy, warm and dry. Oh, and I should mention, I like wearing my boots without socks just my bare feet and my boots.

If you're suffering cold feet this winter maybe it's time to try something new. Trust me, your feet will thank you and you won't want to wear anything else and aside from being a trendsetter don't be surprised if you turn a few heads and get stopped and asked what you're wearing!

Here's to happy, warm feet!




Mike on January 11 2014 at 08:21AM

The Canadian army used to wear wool felt jackets because of its warmth and insulating properties as well.

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