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January 02 2014 0 Comments

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bright Colors This Winter!

On a bleak, frigid winter day, it’s easy to put on a dull sweater and a pair of jeans. However, after consulting our list of reasons, be convinced that making the conscious decision to wear brighter colors this season has its own benefits.

1) It literally brightens your mood
Who knew that your wardrobe can not only make you look great but also feel great. Colors have always been strongly linked to affecting mood. As humans, we have innate and more positive reactions to brighter colors as opposed to dull colors such as grey or black. Orange conveys activeness and creativeness, Yellow carries joy and happiness and Green puts you in a relaxed and refreshed mood.

2) Brightens the mood of everyone around you
Along with positive benefits to yourself, your bright-colored wardrobe will add color to the cold winter surroundings. Your feel good attitude will spread to the people around you!

3) Get into the spirit of winter
These frigid temperatures make us wish for the warmth of a spring day but until then why not embrace the spirit of winter by putting your best "color" foot forward and wearing a little color each and every day until we hear the birds sing again!

4) Be a wallflower no more
In a sea of blacks, greys and navy's, your bright red boots and stylish yellow handbag will make you stand out. These bright colors will also allow you to showcase your unique personality.

5) Attract attention
While others opt for subdued colors, your brightness will attract many to you. Your bright-colored wardrobe can make you seem more approachable, positive and lively. Additionally, it's a great conversation starter and can lead to connections you may never have had before! And if you just can't resist your sea of black, grey and navy than why not make a statment of color by wearing some bright-colored Aarikka jewelry!

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